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A little about me

I am a kind of multi-disciplinary academician. I have tried to dive in some separate professions but I always saw the connection between them. And now, I am connecting the dots and creating a line. This line is full of engineering, software, and visual products. You can have more idea about what am I doing if you check the below parts.

I do amazing things

Web Developer

For the almost 10 years (from the beginning of the high school), I have developed many web pages, radio stations, forums, software etc. Web and software development is kind of a hobby for me. Now, I am trying to develop myself to have better control over the software.

Civil Engineer

Civil Engineering is the main field which I trained and educate myself. I am a Civil Engineer and I am continuing my studies at METU as a Master student. I am also a Research Assistant in my department. In here, I and my advisor are trying to deal with geotechnical engineering problems.

Visual Producer

Producing or editing visual products is one of my lifetime hobbies. I have trained myself in Photography and Video Production. I have lots of experiences in editing videos and photographs. Moreover, I have a director certificate when I got after finishing a professional movie class.


I have some good experiences on JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS programming languages and Wordpress, Joomla, Bootstrap, Laravel frameworks. I have created some beautiful personal, community, company websites within the 10 years. I also develop professional web-based softwares to handle complicated problems. In the last year, I mostly focused on developing interactive map tools using Google Maps API.

Professional Civil Engineering Applications

This is the place that I educated myself mostly. I am doing master in Geotechnical Division in Civil Engineering. For the last 2 years, I have tried to support my professors in their consultancy tasks. I can use software like MATLAB, SAP2000, AutoCAD, Slide, Phase2, Microsoft Project. Using these software and literature knowledge I can do structural analysis, numerical analysis, slope stability analysis, foundation design, FEM analysis, project management etc. In addition, I always try to handle complex operations using MATLAB scripts. For now, my main focus is on Geosynthetics (you can read my article here) and autonomous excavation systems.

Photo and Video Production

This is my best hobby and profession among others. Many years ago, I have started to take pictures of people and nature. Then, when I got a video camera, it becomes my best friend. I was addicted to the recording. After some time, I decided to educate myself. I have learned how to use Photoshop to manipulate photos and Premiere-After Effects to edit videos. I have also gone to directory certificate program and video production classes. I have some good knowledge about the shooting, frame, light, sound, editing, color corrections etc. Using this knowledge, I have joined some photo and short movie competitions.

My little Photo Album

My recent projects

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    TSUMAPS-NEAM is EU-funded project which I have worked as Research and Development Assistant. I have developed project website and interactive hazard web-tool for the project. This project is the first homogeneous long-term PTHA for earthquake-induced tsunamis, which is presently unavailable for the coastlines of the NEAM region (NE Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and connected seas).

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    We try to show Tsunami's destructive effects using modern dance. 3 proffecional dancer took role in this project. A professional video has been produced in ODTU GISAM Studios

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    To handle the requirement in quality workers and correct employer, I have developed insaatCV.com. For now, we are only dealing the recruitment in construction industry.

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    A Matlab software has been written to visually see how geodrid and ballast interact each other.

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    Reaction of soil against excavation bucket movement in the soil is handled in this simulator. This software gives real-time reaction forces on bucket surface in any type of soil.

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    Yerime Gel was developed to help students on finding a good accomodation in a cheap way. With this system, student can search other students houses or dorms and find out which one will be available.

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